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This made my day:

I was at a sporting event recently when a gentleman behind me gasped and fell over. I climbed over the seat and first established that he was breathing. As I checked the man's pulse, a woman stormed over and pushed me away. "Step aside! I'm a nurse!" she shouted. She then proceeded to examine the man. As I retreated to my seat, I announced, "When you get to the part about "Call a doctor", I'll be here." -- from Reader's Digest. 

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4 Ways To Prevent Diabetes From Worsening

By knowing how to prevent diabetes from worsening, you can avoid going in and out of the hospital because of complications. There is nothing you can do about your genes. However, you can fight against this health problem by improving your diet and daily activities.

Listed below are some tips that you can follow to help keep diabetes at bay so you can enjoy your life.

1. Stop eating fast food.
If you really want to prevent diabetes from worsening, you need to stop eating fastfood. However, if you really could not stop yourself from eating this type of food, you need to make sure that you only eat fastfood once in a while. Avoid making it a part of your diet. Keep in mind that meals served in a fastfood center contain trans fat and refined carbohydrates, which are known to increase risk of diabetes or worsen this condition.

2. Relax. 
You may be working hard because you need to earn more. But you must also remind yourself that stress plays a significant role in worsening this health issue. If you are under stress, your blood sugar levels tend to rise. So, relax and spare a time for yourself. Spend your weekends with your family and friends.

3. Walk. 
You must move around so you can use your energy or the calories you have consumed. Instead of riding an elevator, try taking the stairs.

4. Monitor calorie intake. 
By monitoring your calorie intake, you can lessen your risk of having diabetes or prevent it from worsening. But this does not mean you do not have to enjoy what you eat. You just have to be mindful of what you eat. Go for low-calorie substitutes so you can enjoy eating while staying away from diabetes.

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What Is The Real Cause Of Acne?

What is the real cause of acne? 

It is not food or personal hygiene. The real culprits of this annoying skin condition are clogged pores. This skin condition only occurs if the excess oil and skin cells in your face clog the pores. Skin bacteria start to grow in those pores and produce certain substance that can cause inflammation, i.e. acne.

According to dermatologists, acne is not caused by poor hygiene. In fact, if you excessively wash your face and scrub it can make your acne worse as these acts can irritate your skin.

Foods, too, do not cause acne. (No matter how many boxes of pizza I ate, I did not experience acne breakouts).

Unfortunately, for us, women, we are more prone to adult acne. Fluctuating hormones during menstrual cycle can cause acne breakouts. We are also more susceptible if we discontinue taking birth control pills or prescription drugs.

Acne Treatment
OTC products may help ease this skin condition. However, if this skin condition does not clear up, you must see a dermatologist. To prevent severe acne, you must treat it now. If your doctor has prescribed acne medication, you must stick with it for a few weeks. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as overnight treatment. So, give it at least eight weeks before you decide that such treatment is effective or not.

You must also remember that acne breakouts can be a sign of an underlying condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hormone-secreting tumor or disorder in the adrenal gland. If you have this condition, your acne will never clear up until the underlying disease has been resolved.

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