Eat healthy -- 3 Simple Ways To Control Your Appetite During Holidays

It is the time of the year when delectable foods are aplenty. Almost every household is trying too hard to serve wonderful foods that taste richer. These foods are considered to be more scrumptious than usual.

But should you still consider to eat healthy despite all the foods served on the table?

It is easy to lose track on your diet during the holiday season. However, you can avoid it if you plan ahead of time.

To control your appetite and avoid losing track, consider these suggestions.

1. Check everything on the table. 

When you are eating at someone else’s house, you must plan ahead by considering your options before you eat. Do you have something for protein, vegetables, grains, and fruits? You should go as lean as possible. Cut out fat in other areas if you are opting for beef. To enjoy fruit-based dessert offering, you must pick all veggies first. These things must be considered before you pick up your plate and choose the foods that you like to eat. By perusing before eating, you can keep your calorie count on track.

2. Eat less

To keep your appetite at bay, you should consume high-protein, high-fiber meals. Staving off hunger to prepare for a dinner feast can be done easily by choosing a legume soup or a chunky vegetable. Vegetables and legumes are rich in fiber and protein helping you keep full for a longer period of time or until the party starts.

3. Show your moves. 

By this it means that you have to show your dance skills during a dinner party with your colleagues and bosses. You do not need to  spend 8 hours a day to prepare for your performance. But a quick 10 minutes run-through can offer you a little help in burning calories. If you do not feel like dancing, you should consider participating in games that require movement, like Guitar Heror and the Wii Sports. When you play for hours, you are likely to lose those calories you have consumed during the party.

What about you? What will you do to help you eat healthy during holiday parties?

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