Hunger: Understanding Your Hunger Rhythms

Hunger usually comes and goes. There are various factors affecting hunger, such as the level of your activity and the number of calories you have eaten. If you want to lose weight, eating each time you feel hungry may not be convenient. But do you know that you can re-train yourself so that hunger comes in a particular time?

Re-train yourself. 
Yes, you can train yourself to feel hungry during your scheduled lunch hour. You can do this by eating more protein in the morning.

If you want to have an early dinner with your family, you can have a very light afternoon snack by eating a fruit.

Eat breakfast. 
Some people do not feel hungry in the morning. But because it is essential to break the fast, you must re-train your body to be hungry first thing in the morning. You can do this by cutting down your midnight snack or get up earlier and eat slowly.

Wait until you are hungry. 
Preventive eating can happen if you force yourself to eat so you will not feel hungry at an inconvenient time. But you will be more comfortable and content at the same time if you only eat when you are hungry.

Learn to trust your body's signal. 
For women, fluctuations in their hormone levels are usually the reason diets fail. Women are more likely to cheat on the type of diet they are following if their diet does not match their hunger levels.

So, in order to satisfy your hunger, you must know your body's signals so you will only eat when you feel hungry.

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