Crock Pot Recipes: How Can You Convert Ordinary Recipes Into Crock Pot Recipes?

There are tips and tricks on how to prepare crock pot recipes. Listed below are some tips on how to convert some ordinary recipes into crock pot recipes.

1. Cut vegetables into not more than 1 inch thick
When vegetables are cooked using this technique, they must be 1-inch thick or less. Then, place them at the bottom of the pot as they take a lot longer to cook than other ingredients.

2. Decrease cooking time for liquids
In slow cooking, liquids are decreased by half the recommended amount. But this rule does not apply when cooking rice or pasta.

3. Cook pasta or rice until it is slightly tender
If it requires cooked pasta to be added to your crock pot recipe, you must first cook the pasta or rice into another container before adding it to the pot. For best results, you must use long grain rice.

4. Soak beans first
Beans must be soaked first before cooking using crock pot. Experts recommend pre-soaking them for 10 minutes in unsalted water. Then, drain them before adding them to the crock pat recipe you are preparing.

5. Add herbs and spices near the end of cooking
Herbs do release their flavors over time. For that reason, it is best to add them near the end of your cooking session. Before serving, you must taste the food first and make adjustments, if necessary.

Because some dishes lose their flavor, you need to take extra preparation steps to avoid it to happen. For instance, to enhance the flavor of most meats, you must make them brown first. Meat can be dredged, browned or deglazed with wine or broth to add flavor to your recipe.

Crock pot recipes require the use of a crock pot. To obtain best results, you must cook them with a crockery type cookery.

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