Diabetes Prevention - Tips To Effectively Prevent Or Control Diabetes

Diabetes can be prevented or controlled by simply changing your lifestyle. Controlling or preventing it from worsening is as basic as consuming more healthy foods and becoming more physically active. If you start now, you can avoid the health complications of this disease.

Here are some of the diabetes prevention tips that you can implement to your life as presented by the American Diabetes Association.

1. Be more physically active. 
By this it means you need to spend at least 30 minutes of your time to get an exercise. Through exercise, you can lower your blood sugar while you lose weight. Exercise also improves your sensitivity to insulin allowing you to keep your sugar levels within a normal range. A good diabetes fitness program includes both aerobic and resistance training.

2. Eat whole grains. 
Experts do recommend eating whole grains as they can reduce your risk of developing diabetes or health complications. Whole grains are also good in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Some breads and pasta products are made from whole grains. When choosing a product, you must look for the word "whole" in the ingredient list.

3. Lose extra pounds. 
Each pound that you lose will definitely improve your health. In a study conducted, overweight adults who lost at least 2 pounds have reduced their diabetes risk by 16%. If you want to further reduce your risk of developing diabetes, you must aim to lose at least 5% to 10% of your initial body weight.

4. Make healthier choices. 
Instead of following fad diets, you must consider portion control as part of your healthy-eating plan. Low-carb diets, for instance, are not that effective in preventing diabetes. They also do not provide long-term effects to patients as they require you to give up some essential nutrients.

5. Eat plenty of fiber
By eating fiber-rich foods, you are helping your body in losing weight. These foods help you feel full for a longer period of time letting you eat fewer calories. They also reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems and improve your blood sugar control.

The American Diabetes Association also recommends seeing a doctor regularly to further help you prevent or reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

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