Help Me For Lose Weight - 6 Tips You Must Try

"Should I join Zumba class or drink Herbalife shake to help me for lose weight?" you may ask.

I would say you must combine these two to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. Zumba is a great workout and Herbalife shake is a wonderful drink to replenish the water you have lost during the session of Zumba. And yes, I do Zumba every other day and take Herbalife shake twice a day to help me maintain my ideal weight. I do not adopt a no-carb diet as it makes me tipsy.

On another note, here are tips suggested by a friend of mine who happens to be a fitness guru in one of the fitness clubs here in DC.

1. Know how much weight you want to lose. 
You must not start your weight loss journey by aiming to lose 10 pounds a week. This is not a healthy weight loss goal. Instead, you must know your BMI and identify your ideal weight. From there, you can set a healthy weight loss goal.

2. Manage your time. 
In order to sustain your weight loss efforts, you must learn how to manage your time. By this it means that you must decide how many hours a week you can dedicate for exercising, home cooking or stocking up on groceries. If possible, your day must always be planned so you do not have to rush all the time.

3. Stock your kitchen and fridge with healthy foods. 
Instead of purchasing a box of cake, you must keep your fridge or pantry well-stocked with fruits, healthy meals, cereals and other healthy options.

4. Choose to eat healthy home-cooked meals. 
Home-cooked meals are healthier than fast foods. These meals have less oil and low in salt. Plus, you know that they are made of fresh products.

5. Combine cardio and strength training. 
"Is strength training important to help me for lose weight?" Yes. All workouts that emphasize on muscle tone and heart rate are ideal to help you lose weight and keep it off.

6. Avoid unhealthy snacking habits. 
Instead of reaching for your favorite soda after working out, why not make a delicious Herbalife shake. It is healthier and more delicious than Coke or Pepsi. You may also take healthy protein snack bar of Herbalife. Unfortunately, this snack bar is not yet available in the Philippines. I tried one when my sister-in-law's sister brought some from the US. It could truly help in satisfying one's cravings.

If you follow these tips for one month, you could surely lose significant amount of weight and you would no longer ask someone about "help me for lose weight."

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