Calories in Sugar and How to Tame Sugar Cravings

How many calories are there in sugar? This will depend on the type of sugar you’re consuming.

For a granulated sugar, per serving of 0.1 ounce cube contains 9 calories.

But you’re not only consuming 1 cube of granulated sugar. If you’re eating cereals, you’re adding more calories to your sugar intake. This is especially true if the sugary food you’re munching on contain simple sugars. It’s a type of sugar that doesn’t contain essential vitamins and minerals and it’s digested quickly. As a result, you’ll reach out for more.

What’s the recommended number of calories in sugar you must take each day?

The American Heart Association provided a formal guideline on sugar intake. According to them, a woman must not consumer more than 100 calories of sugar per day. It’s about 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Men, on the other hand, must not exceed 150 calories of sugar each day.

Excessive intake can lead to some metabolic abnormalities and may cause life-threatening medical conditions, such as diabetes.

It doesn’t matter what type of sugar or syrup you’re eating. The recommendation is focused on overall sugar consumption.

Unfortunately, all of us do exceed to that limitation. This is because the calories in sugar described relate to all sugars, from processed foods to fruits and vegetables.

Effects of consuming more

Most of us don’t notice them. But eating more sugar than what is recommended can negatively affect our appetite. This means that we won’t be satisfied with our serving of sugary breakfast. Instead, we look for more. The problem is we crave for more unhealthy foods.

Why? This is because simple sugar consumption can cause a spike in our blood sugar and insulin. As a result, we feel hungrier than before. We continue to eat until we’re fully satisfied.

Whatever sugary food you’re eating, it’ll always leave you wanting for more.

So, how can you help your body to stop craving for sugary foods?

Taming your cravings for sugar

Eat a bit

Just give yourself a little bit of sugar just to satisfy your cravings. A small cookie will do. It can help you stay away from feeling denied and prevent you from eating too much. Be mindful of what you’re eating.

Practice cold turkey

It’s tough but it’s worth it. Cutting sugary foods from your diet can surely help tame your cravings. They’ll diminish after a few days.

But some people will find it difficult to do so. As long as you’re determined to tame your sugar cravings, you can easily train your taste buds to get full satisfaction by eating less.

Chew some gum

This, too, can help reduce your sugar and food cravings. But make sure that the gum isn’t rich in sugar as it can hurt the health of your teeth.

Eat fruits

Instead of reaching for cake or chocolate, you need to eat fruits. Hence, it’s advisable that you keep fruits handy. In this way, you can easily pick one when sugar cravings hit. With fruits, you’ll get fiber and essential nutrients.

Eat regularly

Dietitians do encourage individuals to eat every 3 hours. This will help stabilize blood sugar level. It’ll also cut your hunger and cravings for sugary and fatty foods.


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