Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Recommended Food Options

Type 2 diabetes diet is designed for individuals with this type of medical condition. Individuals with this disease requires good nutrition. 

For doctors, good nutrition is regarded as a medicine in its own right. 

Patients with type 2 diabetes must rigorously monitor their blood glucose levels, which are all affected by the sugars and starches that they consume. But what should be included in type 2 diabetes diet? Let’s find out. 

High-Fiber Content

Eating high soluble fiber, in particular, can help. Even if you don’t have diabetes but you’re concerned that you might develop it, fiber should be included in your diet. 

Fiber reduces your digestive system in metabolizing carbohydrates and transforming them into glucose. By slowly metabolizing carbs, it can prevent sudden flood of glucose into your bloodstream. Instead, glucose will be slowly and steadily introduced into the blood. 

Oats, avocados, sweet potatoes, and oranges contain high-amount of soluble fiber. 

If you’re not yet used to eating high amount of fiber, it’s important to slowly introduce it to your diet

In order to prevent gas, bloating, and cramps, you should increase your water intakes. 


In addition to fiber, your type 2 diabetes diet must include consumption of more fluid. Diabetics are prone to dehydration. When there’s too much sugar in the blood, your kidneys will try to get rid of it through urine. 

Although it’s essential that you increase your fluid intake, you should avoid taking in sweet options as they can only increase your blood sugar. 

Health experts don’t recommend fizzy drinks, sports drinks and sweetened fruit drinks. 

Even if you don’t have diabetes, you should only take these drinks sparingly. Regular consumption of these beverages is linked to type 2 diabetes. 

How about protein?

The American Diabetes Association advises patients with diabetes to consume only lean proteins that are low in saturated fat. These would include fish and turkey. You should eat at least two servings of seafood every week. Some fish can offer additional benefits to achieve a healthy heart. 

Deli meats and hot dogs are worst options when it comes to type 2 diabetes diet. The reason for this is that they contain high amount of sodium, which would increase your risk of high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to heart attack and stroke. They’re two complications of diabetes. That said, it’s necessary that you avoid those foods and have your blood pressured checked regularly. 

What fruits should you consume? 

Your best options should be fresh fruits. They can easily conquer your sweet cravings. They don’t only contain fiber but they’re also rich in antioxidants. Berries can leave you more satisfied. 

Fruits that are canned in syrup are your worst options. Dried fruits have high amount of sugar. If you opt for fruit juices, you should only consume them in moderation as they’re still high in sugar. Plus, they don’t have the same nutrition content as the whole fruit. 

Type 2 diabetes diet doesn’t really have to be strict. What’s important here is to monitor all your portions for foods that contain high carbohydrates. And don’t forget to exercise

Talk to your doctor about the best food options for your medical condition.


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