Exercise Diabetes - Tips To Help You Start Working Out

Exercise diabetes is essential if you have this type of medical condition. Even if you are suffering with diabetes complications, you can carry out some exercises to help lower your blood sugar levels and be able to lose weight. If you have not exercised in years, then it is highly likely that you consider any workout routine to be intimidating. But, according to doctors, it is perfectly all right to start slow and work your way up. To help you get started, here are some tips provided by experts from the endocrinology department.

1. Increase your physical activity
Do not just focus on a particular type of exercise. Instead, you must concentrate on increasing your overall activity, be it walking or climbing stairs. But, according to fitness experts, you must not depend on the household chores as your sole exercise. Rather, you must think about the amount of exercise you are getting and the amount of calories you are consuming.

2. Use a pedometer. 
By using this gadget, you can increase your physical activity by 27%. This is according to a study conducted in 2007. To achieve it, you must aim for 10,000 steps, which is equivalent to five miles.

If you are trying to lose weight, then a pedometer can also be a good weight loss gadget as people who utilize it tend to lose more weight than those who do not use it.

3. Exercise with a friend. 
Having a friend by your side when working out is an important motivator. This is especially true if you are over 60 years old. You may set up an exercise contract with your buddy to further help you deal with exercise diabetes.

4. Reward the good things you have accomplished. 
When you have reached your goals, you must remember to reward yourself. But do not consider it as an emotional reward. Rather, focus on the health benefits that exercise diabetes can do for you, such as increasing your energy levels or enjoying the outdoors.

5. Avoid setting your goals too high. 
You will likely to achieve your goals if you start small. That means, you need to set up easily attainable goals that you can gradually increase them in the next few days or months.

6. Obtain an exercise diabetes prescribed by a fitness expert or an exercise physiologist. 
A fitness expert, for instance, knows how to measure your fitness level and prescribe you with a specific exercise according to your level.

What other exercise diabetes routines can your recommend?

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