How To Lose Weight?--Feed Your Mind First With Proper Information

Do you ever wonder why you still have weight problem and you're not losing weight while you exercise regularly and you avoid foods that can cause obesity? Scientists have added genes, viruses and hormonal imbalances as contributing factors to weight problem.

Yes, genes can affect your weight problem. According to a research, there are people who carry fat genes that would cause obesity. If you have this type of genes, then you have more weight problem. But regular exercise may help you lose weight.

What's more interesting is that there are some people who were born to have more fat cells. This is why these people need to work out more to lose more fats.

If you belong to the category of people with fat genes and more fat cells, then you need to start changing your diet and go have some physical activity.

Changing your metabolism is one of the many ways to lose weight. If you can do this, then your weight problem may gradually be solved.

Significance Of Acidic Urine

Urine Content
My mom just had a urinalysis/urine analysis/urine examination yesterday. It was one of the examinations requested to assess her nephrolithiasis (formation of kidney stones). I wasn’t there when the result was released. Due to my father's current condition (underwent TURP for his prostate cancer and treated for other complications), every member of the family is already freaking out. My sister was worried about my mom's urinalysis result, not with the entire result though. To be exact, she's anxious about the pH value; it turned out acidic.

Since the kidneys, along with the lungs, regulate the acid-base balance of the body, the normal pH of a random urine specimen would range from 4.5 to 8.0. But there are no normal values for pH. The acidity of the urine should be evaluated in conjunction with the patient's condition.

In other words, you cannot have a clear picture of your kidneys through the pH of your urine. Hence, acidic urine is just a piece of the puzzle.

However, pH of 9 in a urine specimen indicates an improperly preserved specimen.

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Dry Hair: Don't Let Your Crowning Glory Dry

dry hair remedies
I don’t have dry hair but it's less shiny than when I was still in college. I've never dyed my hair but I had used hot oil treatment, once or twice before. I know that a less shiny hair will soon enough lead to a dry hair. For this reason, I take extra care of my crowning glory by avoiding harsh chemicals.

Wash Hair Every Other Day
One of the remedies I've read for dry hair is to wash it every other day. In other words, every day washing is not good since it removes the natural oils. Some experts suggested using a baby shampoo because of its less drying properties. But I just stick with my old shampoo. Then follow it up with conditioner.

Don’t rinse it with hot water
In addition, hot water for rinsing is not recommended because it removes the protective oils from your hair leaving it dry and undesirable.

Honey-and-egg Mask
They also suggested a honey-and-egg hair mask to be applied on hair, regularly. I haven’t tried it yet but the egg yolks are said to have a moisturizing property that is good for the hair and the honey itself provides polishing effect.

These and a lot more natural remedies I can use to prevent my hair from drying.

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Pilates Exercise: Is It Effective?

Before, I tried few sessions of Pilates exercise but couldn’t keep up due to my busy work life (uhuh?). Anyway, I want to start another session of Pilates exercise soon to enhance my mental and physical well-being.

Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates, who developed Pilates which is a combination of aerobics and yoga, believed there is some sort of connection between our physical health and our mental health. Through Pilates exercise, we use our mind to control the movement of our muscles.

Extreme Stress
Pilates exercise is especially helpful for people who undergo extreme stress. The goal of the said exercise is to combine the mind and body.

Breathing is one principle of Pilates. This is helpful in providing better blood circulation thereby releasing stress.

Centering is another principle of Pilates exercise. This is for the coordination of body movements that should come from the center and outward.

Concentration is what I need. With all the stressors surrounding me, I should be able to eliminate them through Pilates exercise.

Another helpful principle of Pilates exercise is precision. Practitioners of this exercise insist that every movement of Pilates, no matter how difficult it is, has a purpose.

The flow of movement is the last principle of Pilates exercise. The continuous movement will help achieve strength and stamina.

A lot of people have tried Pilates exercise and I must say that they've improved their overall health. Furthermore, Pilates exercise is good for the back, especially when you have back pain. Through this exercise, you will achieve core stability that will support back function.

Pilates exercise is able to help individuals, who have poor posture, stabilize their backs thereby eliminating back pain and improving posture. Potential injury can also be prevented through Pilates exercise.

When you combine Pilates exercise with balanced diet, I think it's a good start to boost your general health.

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