Mangosteen-- A Miracle Cure?

There have been a lot of reports about the effectiveness of mangosteen to treat different diseases, including: (1) breast cancer, (2) prostate cancer, (3) lung cancer, (4) stomach cancer, and a lot more.

Mangosteen juice has now been recommended by renowned medical doctors, worldwide. Because of the medicinal values of mangosteen, not just the juice but the entire fruit, this is now used to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, combat against cancer, et cetera.

Mangosteen is undoubtedly a delicious fruit. But I don't want to take mangosteen herbal supplements sold over the counter. It is better to eat the fresh fruit... at least in my opinion.

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EddieGarcia said...

Hello Jane,
I have never heard of this fruit before. Where is it grown and is it available in the US? I know so many people who have different kinds of cancer that might be interested in trying this. Some have no other alternatives right now. Thanks for the post!

Friends 4 Life!

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