How To Fight Weight Gain During Holidays

How To Fight Weight Gain

Yes, two more days and it will be Christmas… eight more days before New Year. But for those individuals who are health/weight conscious (like me), these holidays can be crucial. So, in order to fight against holiday weight gain, there are things you can do to prevent overeating.

One of the several ways to stop weight gain is to eat smaller meals. If you will attend a party, you should never go out with your stomach empty. Eat a little so that you will not find yourself in a gula.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. They can help you feel more satisfied. Remember that fruits and vegetables have fewer calories.

Most of all get adequate sleep. You need it to fight against weight gain, not just during holidays but throughout the year. Remember that weight gain is linked to lack of sleep. So be aware.

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How To Fight Weight Gain


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