Antioxidants Alert: Antioxidant And Radiation Therapy Or Chemotherapy Are Incompatible

There is no doubt that the health benefits of antioxidants are immense.

For people who want to enhance their immune system, they may take garlic or nibble on grapes as they are known to have high antioxidants contents.

For individuals who want to defy aging, they may increase their consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, such as corn, squash, and the likes.

For someone who wants to reduce their vulnerability to cancer, taking of antioxidants is also advisable.

However, consuming antioxidants at higher-than-recommended dosage may cause interference with certain treatments. Doctors warn their patients not to go overboard when it comes to taking of antioxidants. They explicated that since antioxidants are capable of destroying free radicals, it is also likely that high consumption of antioxidant supplements may diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

In order to avoid such ineffectiveness, we must not take higher doses of antioxidants. No matter how beneficial antioxidants are, too much of it may still hamper our health.

Source: Reader’s Digest

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Adam Lee said...

This should be quite obvious - chemo is a toxin free radical and antioxidants are good at getting rid of toxins and free radicals.

Jane Jane said...

Hello Adam Lee,

Yes, you got the right equation there.

Thank you for visiting. :)

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