Hair Remover: Epilin Or Body Natur

Hair Remover: Epilin And Body Natur

Body Natur and Epilin are two hair remover products, but the latter provides better results than the former.

Price. Epilin hair remover is cheaper than Body Natur.

Application. Both Epilin and Body Natur require low heat. However, Epilin hair remover does not harden easily after removing from heat, thereby, giving me the time to let the wax cool (for a few seconds) before spreading it on my clean, dry skin.

Body Natur hair remover, on the other hand, hardens quickly after heating it, which compels me to spread the hot wax on my skin. Because of that, I always end up having burned skin.

Effectiveness. More strands of underarm hair can be removed using Epilin hair remover than utilizing the wax of Body Natur.


Epilin is made from natural tree resin, natural beeswax, vegetable oil. Plus, it is 100% natural.

While Body Natur contains colophinium, glyceryl rosinate, cera microcristallina, paraffin wax, cera alba, parfum.

Overall, Epilin is more effective than Body Natur. This is, of course, based on my experience.

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