How To Get Deep Sleep?

Deep Sleep

Noche Buena is a Filipino's way of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. We are supposed to be awake at Christmas Eve to dine with the rest of the family members, but not me. I just slept and was not aroused by a pandemonium of feasting. Yes, I had deep sleep that night.

So, how did I manage to have deep sleep? I just poured two teaspoons of AIM Global's My Choco into a glass of cold water and drank it before going to bed.

Ever since I started drinking My Choco of AIM Global, I always have a deep sleep. Well, that's at least my body's reaction to that type of beverage. Or it can also be a treatment for your insomnia.

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Cruise said...

Interesting way to fall asleep but whatever works! You're gonna' think this is weird but I sometimes listen to binaural beat recordings on my iPhone at bedtime before falling asleep. Works for me :)

Jane Jane said...

Hello Cruise,

It's good to know that brainwave entrainment works for you.

Thank you for dropping by.

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