Neti Pot for Nasal Irritation

I am prone to common cold these days. But I think this is not just a cold virus rather an infection in my sinus or nasal allergies. For this reason, I am planning to purchase a Neti Pot to alleviate my stuffy nose.

I discovered the benefits of using Neti Pot a few months ago and I am planning to use it as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Neti Pot, for one, is a drug-free treatment for nasal irritation. It is also considered as an all-natural cost-effective remedy for sinus infections. Basically, its main function is to clear the nasal passages of mucus.

I just wish that through this natural remedy, the nasal discomfort that I feel will be gone for good.

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BecBennett said...

I've never heard of one of these before, how do they work?

Karen Fayeth said...

I am a HUGE fan of the Neti Pot and I know some coworkers who had chronic sinus infections that got relief from regular use of the neti pot.

For me, it helps my sneezy allergies very much.

I also use it when I have a head cold. It seems to get a lot of the stuff out and helps me heal quicker.

Good luck with the Neti! I hope to read about your success soon!

Jane Jane said...

Hello BecBennett,

It's actually the saline solution that clears nasal passages of mucus. The solution is placed into the neti pot so it could be poured up to the nose.

Thanks for visiting.

Jane Jane said...

Hello Karen Fayeth,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience about Neti Pot. I have not started using it yet because my cold just disappeared. But I will use it when stuffy nose comes back.

Ty for dropping by.

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