Anxiety Remedies without Side Effects

If you want to avoid the negative side effects of anti-anxiety medication, you might as well take advantage of the remedies that do not cause adverse reactions to your body.

One of the effective remedies of anxiety is Vitamin B complex. According to herbalists, this natraul remedy is a great stress reliever. If you have insufficient amount of B vitamins in your body, you may suffer from anxiety.

Apart from the B vitamins, the element magnesium is also an anxiety soother. Like B vitamin complex, a deficiency in magnesium can aggravate the effects of stress resulting in anxiousness. Thus, taking of this element may lessen the symptoms of anxiety.

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Green Tidings said...

Greetings from another EYB'er! Interesting site, and good information! Have you heard about Theanine for anxiety? Here is my blog post about it:

Samual James said...

Deficiency of vitamin B complex and elements magnesium give rise to anxiety in our body. To overcome from this problem one needs to have natural treatment. Natural treatment gives 100% solution for such problem. To prevent you from anxiety, have a healthy diet and avoid ingredient that acts as stimulants like cigarettes and coffee.
Attacchi Di Panico

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