Meningococcal B: 4 Useful Tips to Prevent Yourself from Catching Meningitis

Meningococcal B is a bacterial infection that can affect the membranes covering the brain and the spinal cord. It commonly affects infants, young children and students residing in dormitories. Because it can cause death, it requires immediate medical treatment. Still, prevention is better than cure.

Listed below are ways on how to help you avoid suffering from meningococcal B. 

  • Do not share drinks or eating utensils with a person who may be ill. He/she might be carrying the bacteria that can cause meningococcal B. 
  • Seek medical attention if you have fever or infection. Take the medications according to your doctor's recommendation. Follow what your doctor has prescribed. 
  • Get vaccinated for this disease. Although you cannot get a vaccine that can protect you against meningococcal B, you can get vaccinated against Hib, measles, polio, measles, mumps and pneumococcus. These diseases can lead to meningitis. 
  • Go to the emergency room or call your doctor if you have been exposed to a person with such disease. You may be given a course of antibiotics to prevent you from suffering this condition. Keep in mind that this disease is contagious for 24 hours. 
Even if it is treated immediately, it can still cause brain damage, permanent hearing loss, loss of limbs, seizure disorder or death. 

This article is inspired by a story about Bernadette Gribaldi featured on Reader's Digest. Reading it made my heart ache. I don't want it to happen to my own child. 

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