Common Cold Remedy

I'm not a big fan of synthetic medicines, especially when I think I will catch a common cold. Sore throat, sneezing, clear, watery nasal drainage are few of the most common symptoms of colds. And what do I do if cold symptoms will come my way? I don’t take paracetamol, phenyl and the like. I just follow the common cold remedy that my grandma taught me.

Common cold remedy

Garlic, honey and kalamansi. These three will always make me feel better. And oh! Don’t forget the healing power of water therapy.

Garlic- this member of the onion family Alliaceae is not only used for culinary purposes but it's also utilized to fight against common cold. It has a special property that boosts your immune system.

Honey- this honey-bee-produced common cold remedy is rich in vitamin C.

Kalamansi- or Calamondin is another common cold remedy that is high in vitamin C, perfect to ward off symptoms of common cold.

Water therapy is also beneficial in treating common cold. This will help flush out phlegm and assist you to breathe easier.

This common cold remedy suits my body and relieves my sickness.

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EddieGarcia said...

This makes good sense and we should stop with all the over counter meds we are subjecting to our bodies. Most of them don't work anyways. Grandma's way is the best and all natural. Thanks!

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