Healthy Recipe: 5 Recipes You Can Try for Healthier Choices

Preparing a healthy recipe means finding healthier food choices. People who want to change their healthy lifestyle by changing what they eat may have difficulty finding healthy recipe for their family members. This is especially true if they are accustomed to eating meat every day. Thankfully, there are healthy recipe options that involve best meat. Yes, that is right. Completely eliminating meat from the menu is not that necessary.

So, what are some of the meats to try for a healthy recipe?

Healthy recipe #1. Lentils. This is considered as the most climate-friendly protein. Apart from protein, lentils are also high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Healthy recipe #2. Milk. Not all milk brands are created equal. Therefore, you have to choose the right brand and opt for non-fat or low-fat milk that contains high amount of fiber. It is also ideal to drink milk that is free of growth hormone.

Healthy recipe #3. Beans. They are rich in protein, as well as fiber and essential nutrients. Stick with dry beans as they have lowest carbon footprint.

Healthy recipe #4. Green eggs with ham. It is a mixture of eggs and spinach with fresh dill. You can add roasted potatoes or a salad on the side.

Healthy recipe #5. Broccoli with ham. Yes, ham can be added to salads, such as broccoli. This recipe is packed with fiber, protein and vitamin C. This is ideal for spring picnic dish.

Or you may also try healthier version of your favorite recipe. For instance, you may replace  salt shaker with pepper mill. Instead of frying fish or chicken, you may opt to bake it.

Surely, there are various options to make a healthy recipe.

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