How to be a Vegetarian? -- Ways to Effectively Help You Become a Vegan

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I always ask this question to myself, “How to be a vegetarian?” Vegetarian per se means a person who does not eat meat, i.e. any type of meat. Be it beef, pork, fish, or chicken. But the term vegetarian has a lot of types.

Types of vegetarian

Flexitarians. They are individuals who occasionally eat meat, ergo, semi-vegetarians.

Pesci-vegetarians. They are vegetarians who still eat fish, dairy and eggs but stay away from eating meat and poultry.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians. They eat eggs and dairy products but not meat.

Lacto vegetarians. They eat dairy products but not meat.

Ways on how to be a vegetarian

Get cookbooks. How to be a vegetarian is not that easy, especially if you are fond of eating a lot of meat. To help you start, you may try to get cookbooks on how to be a vegetarian. There are various recipes that might interest you.

Do not go cold turkey. You should not go cold turkey when opting to be a vegan. Rather, you should slowly give up meat. Enjoy vegetarian food first before you entirely quit eating meat.

Know more about your nutritional needs. When you are learning how to be a vegetarian, you should research about your nutritional needs. If you are entering to a new diet, be sure that you are still getting enough essential vitamins and nutrients. It should still be balanced nutrition.

Have a cheat day. To help you succeed on how to become a vegetarian, you should allow yourself to have a cheat day. You may start by being a vegetarian for 6 days a week and give yourself a break and eat meat once a week.

Eat alternative choices. If you cannot endure the fact of giving up meat entirely to help you on how to be a vegetarian, you may try alternative choices, such as tofu.

Knowing and implementing how to be a vegetarian takes a lot of time and practice. It would be best to pick healthy foods to help you become a vegan for the long run.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. The best way to become a vegetarian or vegan is through information and education. A great course when is going to be released called Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide 30 Day Course !!

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