DDS Dentist - How Can A Dentist Help In Your Child's Teeth Development?

As early six months of age, you must bring your child to a DDS dentist. This is to prevent any small problems from becoming big concerns. Thumb-sucking may be a common scenario among infants but it could create serious problems later on. Keep in mind that a baby who sucks his/her thumb is more likely to suffer from malformed teeth or bite problems. Baby bottle tooth decay can also be prevented if you let your infant be seen by a DDS dentist as early as possible. If it is left untreated, it can lead to premature decay, which can greatly affect your baby's future teeth.

How to alleviate thumb-sucking? 
Dentists do recommend letting your baby suck on a teething ring. Or you may rub his/her gums using a small spoon or your clean finger. Pacifiers may also be used for babies under 4 years old. They can relieve gum pain and alleviate suckling problems. However, pacifiers are strongly discouraged after the age of 4. This is because they can interfere with the teeth development of your child.

When will the primary teeth be seen? 
Primary set of teeth can be seen by the age of 3. These teeth are replaced by permanent teeth by the age of 12. When your child has a full set of 28 permanent teeth, it is important that you teach your child how to take care of them to avoid becoming diseased. If their primary teeth have become diseased, their permanent replacements may suffer the same fate. Therefore, it is a must that you allow your child to see a DDS dentist as early as possible.

Is it okay to brush baby's gums and teeth using a toothbrush? 
Yes. But make sure that you use an infant toothbrush that can fit over your finger. Instead of using toothpaste, you must utilize water. You must avoid fluoride toothpaste until your child reaches the age of 2. Use a pea-sized portion of toothpaste and teach your kid to spit it out when finished.

Are fluoride toothpaste enough? 
To keep your child's teeth as healthy as possible, you must use a toothpaste high in fluoride. Thankfully, most public drinking systems have fluoride in it. However, you may try asking your dentist about fluoride supplements for your child.

How to relieve toothaches? 
DDS dentist recommends rinsing your child's mouth with a solution of warm water and table salt. It can relieve the pain. However, if the pain still persists, your child may take acetaminophen or you may contact his/her dentist.

You must teach your child how to take care of his/her teeth as early as six months. There are plenty of DDS dentists who know how to deal with children's teeth development and they can help your kids deal with any tooth problems.

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