Benefits of Colorful Vegetables

The colors in fruit and vegetables are caused by carotenoids, which are organic pigments. Experts say that they are not just used to make fruit and vegetables appear colorful but these pigments have a lot of health benefits. According to recent studies, carotenoids found in pumpkin, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and other fruit and vegetables are useful in preventing the development of metabolic syndrome.

In addition to that, people who eat a diet rich in carotenoids betacarotenoid, lutein and zexanthin are less likely to suffer from the most common form of kidney cancer.

Carotenoids are also good for women in lowering the risk of ovarian cancer.

Because of that, I am hoping the carrot seedlings I planted in my mini-garden will grow so I could have regular supply of carrot slash carotenoids.

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Knee Pain Remedy: More Delicious Option

I do not have osteoarthritis but my right knee aches after kneeling. I am not sure why. But if this is a symptom of osteoarthritis, I do not want to go to the route of steroid injection and surgery.

According to a study in Melbourne, eating fruits regularly can lower the risk of developing lesions in the bone marrow. These lesions are said to be a marker for knee osteoarthritis. Researchers found that fruits rich in vitamin C are effective in alleviating knee pain problem. These fruits would include kiwifruit, mangoes, papaya, and grapefruit.

Good thing is that mangoes, grapefruit and papaya are easily accessible here in Davao. Unfortunately, kiwifruit is not readily available in our local market.

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