Exercises Workouts That Help Build Muscle Mass


There are exercises workouts that you can carry out right at your own home. In this way, there is no need for you to go to the gym and spend your hard-earned money for its membership fee. Some of these workout routines are great while you are on the road when you do not have your fitness equipment with you.

Some of the exercises workout that you can try at home that can help you build functional muscle mass

Lunge jumps. This is a great workout that focuses on leg muscles and the glutes. You can combine it by holding small weights while performing this exercise.

Ab crunches. They are exercises workout that can tone your abdominal muscles. They are easy to do and do not require special equipment. I perform a modification of this exercise every morning (when I can remember to exercise, that is).

Shadow box. I have never tried it yet but they say that it is a good exercise for the muscle groups. It involves cardio training. Adding some kicks as you exercise can make it more beneficial to the body.

There are other exercises workouts that you can carry out to build functional muscle mass. Yoga is also good for the muscles. I am performing some yoga positions in the morning to work on my abdominal muscles. So far, I have not seen any improvement yet. Although I do not have that bulging stomach, I just want to achieve the same flat stomach as Gisele Bundchen’s or Miranda Kerr’s.

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