What is Mental Health?

What is mental health?

Mental health is all about cognitive and emotional wellbeing. It describes how you think and behave. It also pertains to how you feel. Psychologists describe mental health as the absence of a mental disorder.

Understanding what is mental health is also important as it can affect your daily activities, as well as your relationships with other people. With proper mental health, you can enjoy life. You can achieve psychological resilience. You can also handle your life activities easily.

What is mental health and its characteristics?

Resilience. It is your ability to handle adversity. Some people can easily fight against the effects of stress while others cannot handle it.

Balance. You know how to spend your time socially and spend your time alone by yourself. Extreme social isolation may lead to split with reality. But those who do not seek solitary times may also have the risk of experiencing such split.

Flexibility. What is mental health and its relation to being flexible? You may ask. People who have healthy mental state know how to express their feelings, rather than shutting them off.

Above all, the ability to enjoy life is an important aspect to know the relevance of what is mental health. The secret of living a healthy life is to know how to enjoy time and learn from the past.

The above mentioned characteristics are just few of the concepts to help define what is mental health.

What is mental health for me? Well, it is all about knowing how to enjoy life to the fullest.

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