Treadmill: Is Treadmill Better Than Weight Lifting?

According to a research, treadmill has been found to be more effective in getting rid of your visceral fat than using dumbbells. Continue reading this article to find out why.

The visceral fat found within the abdomen is considered as the most harmful fat that can provide great damage to one's health. It is also linked to increase risk of diabetes and heart disease. Because of that, medical experts have been recommending to take up jogging or lift weights to get rid of such fat. But just recently, researchers have found out that the better way to lose belly fats is through jogging, cycling, or walking than lifting weights. This simply means that treadmill is better than weight lifting.

Does resistance training build muscle?
Although resistance training is great in building muscle strength, it fails to target the visceral fat. Therefore, individuals who are living a sedentary lifestyle are advised to choose aerobic training to better lose their fat. Unfortunately, there is no clear method that can determine the exact amount of visceral fat a person has. However, measuring belly size is a good way to start. Even though men are prone to carry more visceral fat as compared to women, the latter begin to put on more of this fat when they have reached menopausal stage.

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