Diabetes Type I Treatment: Can a Mobile Phone Help in Controlling Glucose Levels?

With the advanced technology, it is no longer a surprise if there are gadgets or machines invented to treat several types of diseases through unusual routes. One of the latest inventions in the medical field these days is the diabetes type I treatment using a BlackBerry. This treatment option utilizes a small sensor that monitors and takes blood sugar readings. The readings are treated as data that will be transmitted to the phone. In addition to the sensor, the patient also needs to wear an insulin pump. The overall system mimics how pancreas works in regulating the release of insulin so as to normalize blood glucose levels in the blood.

One of the best things about this latest diabetes type I treatment is that it automatically controls blood glucose levels. This latest technology allows diabetic patients to have a good night's sleep as they do not have to wake up several times a night just to check their blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, this diabetes type I treatment is still under clinical trials. If it would become available on the market, pretty sure it would be expensive. However, this can surely change the way diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels. Since the trial is using a BlackBerry phone, patients may need to purchase such brand of phone to take advantage of this new method, unless the overall system will be compatible with other smart phones, such as iPhone and Samsung. 

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