Heart Attack Prevention Tips For Women Who Are At High Risk

Within one year of a first heart attack, 38% of women will die. Unfortunately, only a few of them are taking aspirin, statins and other medicines that can prevent heart attack.

Menopause and heart attack
A woman has high oesterogen levels before she reaches menopausal stage. Oestrogen offers protective elements to the cardiovascular system.

However, after menopause, said hormone can no longer offer protection against heart disease because of the increasing levels of cholesterol, which may increase women’s chances of suffering from any type of cardiovascular problems, such as heart attack and congestive heart failure. This is especially true if their triglycerides are also high.

Can hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prevent heart disease in women?
Before 2002, doctors did recommend women to undergo HRT to prevent themselves from this disease. However, in 2003, it was advised by the UK Committee on Safety of Medicines that such therapy does not prevent any type of heart disease. Therefore, it must not be used as a way in preventing against heart attack.

As a woman, what can you do?

1. Ask your physician
By talking to your physician, you can better understand your own heart risk.

2. Eat wisely
Yes, there are many food temptations lurking around. If you are at high risk for this disease, then you must choose to eat wisely by opting to consume healthier options, such as fruit and vegetables. You must avoid junk foods and fast foods. Rather, opt to make home-made recipes.

3. Exercise regularly
You do not have to perform extreme workouts like those exercises shown on TV. If you do not have time to exercise, you can still increase your physical activity by opting to climb stairs, instead of riding the lift. You must also walk, instead of driving your own car. This is not only a form of exercise but it is also a good way to save on gas. These count as exercise.

4. Reduce stress levels
It can be difficult to reduce stress, especially if you have a demanding job. However, you can start practicing meditation while you are at home or in your office. You can also take yoga or Pilates. These are very good stress reducers.

5. Manage your weight
As mentioned earlier, menopausal women are experiencing high levels of cholesterol in their blood. If your weight is fluctuating, then you must find a way to manage it by reducing your cholesterol levels first. You can do this by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Act now and shift your focus
You must start protecting your coronary arteries now to prevent yourself from heart attack. Keep in mind that your blood vessels are no match for the fat coming from the crust pizza that you eat each day, the carcinogens that you inhale while smoking, the endless sitting on your desk, couch, or cars, etc.

Starting now, you must live the kind of life that will surely benefit your heart. Do not wait for a scientific breakthrough to rescue your coronary system. Study those tips above and you can prevent heart attack from happening to your life. 

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