How to Deal with Stress: Easy Ways to Fight Against the Effects of Stress

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Too much stress can hamper your health and your life. Good thing is that there are simple things that can help you deal with stressful situation.

Laugh. I usually think of funny moments in my life to help me laugh during stressful days. And it works. You, too, can laugh out loud to relieve yourself from this state. Through laughter, your oxygen intake increases. It also stimulates your cardiovascular system, lungs and muscles. It can help relax your muscles and produce a sense of relaxed mood.

Drink water. According to experts, drinking little amount of water each day increases cortisol levels in the body. This is a hormone released during stress. Therefore, to help counteract the effects of stress, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to keep you hydrated and alert.

Practice taking a deep breath. Breathing in tells your brain that you need to be calm. Slowly inhale and exhale to keep your muscles in a relaxed state.

Kiss. Kissing is not just ideal for lovemaking. Its effects can relieve someone from a stressful situation. In fact, health experts consider it as a stress reliever, just like meditation. But of course you should only kiss the appropriate person for that matter, like your wife/hubby or your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you do not have someone you can kiss, you just have to imagine yourself you are kissing your favorite celebrity. How about the lips of Brad Pitt? Or Ian Somerhalder?

Among these things, the most effective for me is laughter. I tend to watch funny movies or light-hearted films just to help me relieve stress.

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