Survival Rate for Cardiac Arrest: 3 Ways to Increase Chances of Survival During Cardiac Arrest

Survival rate for cardiac arrest outside a hospital is very low. According to medical statistics, only 5% to 10% live. But the number rises if medical team can restore the heart rhythm within 30 minutes. So, when a loved one experiences cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) must be started immediately. But you have to do it fast as no one has survived longer than 45 minutes. Doing the CPR is a very intimate thing. Some medics cry while doing it.

You can save a loved one by arming yourself with some basic cardiac survival tips.
  • Know the symptoms of cardiac arrest. When you know the warning signs and symptoms, you can take quick action to save your loved one. Make sure that your family and friends know them too in case you suffer cardiac arrest. 
  • Call for help immediately. As mentioned earlier, immediate medical attention must be provided to increase survival rate for cardiac arrest. 
  • Get training in CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can really help someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest. You could save someone's life by learning how to perform CPR. You can get training at Red Cross. 
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