How To Survive Deadly Heart Attack When You Are Alone

According to national heart lung and blood institute, heart attack is a condition wherein blood flow to a section of heart muscle becomes clogged. If the obstruction is not restored immediately, it causes damage to the section of the heart muscle because of oxygen deprivation. This would lead to death. Unfortunately, heart attack occurs when we are alone. Hence, we need to know how to survive when heart attack invades us.

Repeated coughing is one way to survive heart attack, advised by a cardiologist. It is said that a deep breath before each cough should be done. It has to be deep and prolonged. It is like producing sputum from deep inside the chest.

It is necessary to take this deep breath and cough method repeatedly every two seconds or until the heart is beating normally, in order to survive from a heart attack.

This method used to survive heart attack follows the principle that taking deep breaths or prolonged inhalation can cause restoration of oxygen from the lungs. Coughing, on the other hand, keeps the blood from circulating and eventually regains normal rhythm.

This information was sent to me by a friend who's working abroad as a nurse. I have not tested its effectiveness, but it may save someone's life.

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Vasectomy Reversal—Wanting To Have More Babies?

After you underwent vasectomy, you have realized you want more babies and now you like to undergo vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy reversal is obviously done in men and performed by qualified physicians. This procedure involves restoration of the flow of sperm through the vas deferens. In addition, vasectomy reversal is an out-patient procedure. Hence, you are not required to stay in a hospital for recovery time.

But before the procedure is conducted, patients should be evaluated and be informed about the options and alternatives. Techniques should also be discussed by the physician who will perform vasectomy reversal.

There are a lot of factors to consider if pregnancy is possible. Urologists can determine whether a patient can still pass semen. There are reported cases that pregnancy has not been achieved after vasectomy reversal. This can happen because of several reasons. Blockage in the vas deferens is one. Another reason can be the presence of autoantibodies that can upset semen production. But still, the urologist can decide whether you are a good candidate for this procedure or not.

I think there are only few doctors who are qualified to perform vasectomy reversal here in Davao. And only few people are aware of this kind of procedure.

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Mangosteen-- A Miracle Cure?

There have been a lot of reports about the effectiveness of mangosteen to treat different diseases, including: (1) breast cancer, (2) prostate cancer, (3) lung cancer, (4) stomach cancer, and a lot more.

Mangosteen juice has now been recommended by renowned medical doctors, worldwide. Because of the medicinal values of mangosteen, not just the juice but the entire fruit, this is now used to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, combat against cancer, et cetera.

Mangosteen is undoubtedly a delicious fruit. But I don't want to take mangosteen herbal supplements sold over the counter. It is better to eat the fresh fruit... at least in my opinion.

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Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Through Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal(Image from is if you have money to undergo laser hair removal. Each session will cost around PHP 5,000 ($100+). The entire treatment will require 8 to 10 sessions. So when you really want to completely get rid of your unwanted hair, you have to prepare at least PHP 50,000 ($700). Whew!

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is permanent hair removal. So you no longer have to prick, shave, or wax your unwanted hair just to get rid of it. It is safe, when it's performed by trained and qualified physician/specialists.

So far in Davao City, the only competent clinics (that I know of) that conduct laser hair removal are OroDerm and SkinDoctors. The treatment is painless. But it would surely hurt your wallet. :)

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Cranberries Can Cure Bladder Infection

CranberriesI love cranberry juice. If I have enough money, I usually buy cranberry juice. Some of my favorite foods in a restaurant are flavored using cranberries. Apart from its culinary uses, it is interesting to note that cranberries can cure bladder infection.

Cranberries are acidic. This acidity is thought to combat against urinary infection. Cranberries are rich in fructose and anti-oxidants. The said components prevent the bacteria from harboring the bladder and eventually cure bladder infection.

Cranberries are also rich in Vitamin C. Its richness in Vitamin C boosts cranberry-juice drinker's immune system and may fight against bladder infection.

However, like other home remedies to cure bladder infection, cranberries should not be used as a cure rather as a support for conventional medicine.

Image from uploaded by Lynette_Henderson.

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Antioxidants Can Make You Slim

Antioxidant Fruits
Wondering why antioxidant foods/supplements are hot on the market nowadays? This is because of their health benefits that can make wonders to your body, especially when you're trying to slim down and shed off unwanted fats.

Pro-Aging and Pro-Obesity
Free radicals are said to be pro-aging. Furthermore, they are discovered to make you fat. According to a neuroendocrinologist, free radicals can damage specific cells responsible for prompting us that our stomach is already full. Chips, for example, contain free radicals. This is the reason why our appetite is increased when we consume chips or junk foods. In order to fight against free radicals, we must avoid junk foods because they are junk and junks aren’t supposed to be eaten. Also, antioxidants are available to help eliminate oxidizing molecules.

However, free radicals should not be eliminated completely from our body. Even though they can make you look older and they are culprits for your weight problem, they too have health benefits, if consumed at a minimum.

Berries, plum, kiwi fruits are just few of the fruits rich in antioxidants.

Image from uploaded by schoolio.

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Can Orchiectomy Cure Prostate Cancer?

After we found out almost three years ago that my father is suffering from prostate cancer, his doctor discussed the treatment options. My father could either undergo orchiectomy or hormonal therapy. The latter is more expensive because it is done every month. The former is a one-time treatment.

Treatment for prostate cancer

Orchiectomy is one of the ways to cure prostate cancer. Or if you have enlargement of the prostate glands, then you may opt for orchiectomy. This procedure is the removal of your testis, which produces testosterone. Testosterone is said to be the food of the prostate cancer. So if the food is eliminated, then the cancer cells will eventually die. This explanation is from my father's urologist.


The drawbacks of this surgical procedure are erectile dysfunction, sterility, weight gain, hot flashes, osteoporosis, larger breasts, and loss of muscles mass and of sexual interest. Insanity is not included.

So the question, can orchiectomy do its job well in treating prostate cancer? My father's urologist says yes. The success rate for orchiectomy is high. But father opted for hormonal therapy.
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