Ultima-C Sodium Ascorbate for Asthmatic

Ultima-C is a natural vitamin C that can be absorbed, easily, by the body cells. It has vitamin C metabolites that maximize cellular utilization of this type of vitamin.

My mom is asthmatic and she’s taking Ultima-C three times a day. As a result, she does not experience any asthma attack.

I have tried to consume it to alleviate my on and off cold and cough. I’m not sure if it is just a psychological effect, but my cold and cough have improved after taking it for days. However, I’m still unsure of its effects to the organs of my body considering one capsule contains 500 mg of sodium ascorbate and I need to take it 3x a day. Now, that’s a lot of vitamin C.

Apart from asthma, cold and cough, Ultima-C may be able to improve other illnesses, such as cancer (the ad says it is super antioxidant), bleeding gums, fever, cataract, allergies, among others.

Even though Ultima-C is 100% pure and natural, I’m afraid it can still cause negative effects to the body in the future. Nonetheless, I need to take it just to get rid of my on and off cold and cough.

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Dark Chocolates for Raising Good Cholesterol—the HDL

I, now, have an excuse to eat more dark chocolates every day.

A study revealed that eating dark chocolates a day can significantly raise HDL or good cholesterol by 9%. In this study, volunteers consumed 100g of dark chocolates and that is about 2300kJ of dark chocolates.

I need to raise my HDL or good cholesterol. So, the delicious way of increasing it is to eat dark chocolates. Right now, I am nibbling on Godiva dark chocolate while writing this… nom nom nom.

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Neti Pot for Nasal Irritation

I am prone to common cold these days. But I think this is not just a cold virus rather an infection in my sinus or nasal allergies. For this reason, I am planning to purchase a Neti Pot to alleviate my stuffy nose.

I discovered the benefits of using Neti Pot a few months ago and I am planning to use it as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Neti Pot, for one, is a drug-free treatment for nasal irritation. It is also considered as an all-natural cost-effective remedy for sinus infections. Basically, its main function is to clear the nasal passages of mucus.

I just wish that through this natural remedy, the nasal discomfort that I feel will be gone for good.

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Alternative to Fish for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Alternative to Fish for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Here’s good news for individuals who abhor eating fish. As we all know, fish is considered as high in omega-3 fatty acids, which revealed to be helping in reducing blood pressure and the risk of having heart attack.

As an alternative to fish, you may eat plant foods that contain alpha-linolenic acid. This substance will be converted by your body into omega-3 fatty acids.

But what are the best sources of this acid? Well, you can have walnuts, tofu, flaxseed, as well as canola and soybean oils.

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