Fertility: 4 Proven Techniques on How to Get Pregnant

For some couples, trying to conceive is a difficult battle. Although they make love as close as possible to ovulation, it does not always provide the right answer. Thankfully, there are other ways that couples can try to help them boost their fertility.

Here are some of the best suggestions to enhance fertility:

Weight control. The weight of the woman can affect her ability to conceive. According to a research, keeping a healthy weight can greatly help with conception. Unfortunately, not all women consider it as an issue.

Protect sperm. According to researchers, opting to wear loose underwear can boost male fertility. In order to protect sperm, men should wear boxers instead of briefs. Furthermore, staying away from sources of heat can also help. Therefore, you should avoid sitting in a hot tub every day, even though you do not have problems conceiving.

Avoid coffee or alcohol. Too much of everything can impair the person’s fertility. Health experts say that drinking more than five cups of coffee each day can lower the ability of a woman to get pregnant. But you do not have to give up your daily cup. You just need to take it moderately.

Quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes can greatly affect fertility. In women, smoking can affect uterine receptiveness. In men, on the other hand, smoking can reduce sperm production. It can also damage DNA. For that reason, it is just ideal to give up smoking if you are trying to conceive.

It is also ideal to check with your doctor regularly. 

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What is in Carbohydrates?

What is in carbohydrates? You may ask. Well, they contain elements necessary to provide you energy. Foods that are high in carbs are also high in starch or sugar. They include flour, starchy vegetables and grains.

What foods that are low in carbs?

You can eat meat, vegetables, fruits, soy beans and eggs.

How much carbohydrates do you need?

Health experts recommend getting half of your energy needs from healthy carbs. Unfortunately, not all carbs are equal. Hence, you should know which one is healthy and which one is not.

What is in carbohydrates that make you fat?

Carbs per se do not make you fat. Regardless of what food you eat, eating too much can lead to weight gain.

To obtain your ideal weight, you should not get rid of carbs from your diet. It has to be a balance of protein and carbs.

You should include vegetables, potato, brown rice and other complex carbohydrates on your diet. But you have to ensure that you eat a balance of simple and complex carbs.

For your breakfast, health experts recommend eating wholegrain cereals and whole wheat bread.

For your lunch, you should opt for small amount of carbs and choose lean protein. Do not eat large carb meals in the afternoon as they can slow you down.

For your dinner, opt to eat fruits and vegetables. Or you can take Herbalife Shake. That is what I drink in the evening. I just add 250 ml of high-calcium, non-fat milk to 80 grams of Herbalife Shake. Try it. You will see a difference.

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Where do We Get Calcium? Healthy Sources of Calcium

Calcium is mostly found in your bones and teeth. The rest is in your nerve cells, as well as tissues and body fluids. This mineral plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. To prevent suffering from osteoporosis, we must drink enough calcium each day.

But the question is that where do we get calcium?

There are many sources of calcium. Some of them are listed below:

Milk. By drinking milk each day, you are getting enough calcium to thwart the occurrence of osteoporosis and other bone diseases. However, you have to pick milk that is low-fat or fat-free milk. This is especially important for individuals who are on a diet.

Cereals. They are rich in calcium too. Bowl of cereals and paired with high-calcium, low-fat milk make a hearty breakfast to jump start your day. They are healthier choices that are not only rich in fiber but also in calcium.

Hot drinks with milk. Instead of cream, you can add low-fat milk to your coffee. Or if you are making cocoa drink, adding milk is also ideal.

Yogurt. Where do we get calcium if we want tasty dessert? Well, frozen yogurt contains high amount of calcium.

Sardines. They are rich in calcium. They are good for individuals who are lactose intolerant. They are not only rich in calcium but they are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Green leafy vegetables. Apart from sardines, broccoli, kale and other leafy vegetables are also good sources of calcium for lactose-intolerant individuals.

You can also take calcium supplements to add more of this mineral to your diet. 

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Foods for a Diet: Delicious Foods That can Help You Lose Weight

The secret to lose weight is not to reduce the amount of food you take but to know what healthy foods for a diet. There are many healthy foods that you can eat each day that can burn calories and eliminate excess fats. Some of them are listed below.

Oats. They are my favorite healthy foods for a diet. I eat oatmeal every morning to help me start my day. Because it is rich in fiber, I do not easily feel hungry. According to studies, it helps in reducing cholesterol levels while maintaining blood sugar levels. It is also ideal for fighting against heart disease. You can try Quaker Oats Chocolate flavor.

Apples. The are not only rich in fiber and vitamins, but they also contain anti-oxidants. Remember the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Apples are healthy foods for a diet that can lower the risk of some cancers and reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. (But if the doctor is cute, forget the apple!)

Almonds. They are ideal for those who want to lose weight. I usually purchase almonds when I have my grocery shopping. Unfortunately, they tend to be available in a steep price. Since I want to eat healthy foods, I have to endure the price. Almonds are great for lowering cholesterol levels. They are also good for reducing the risks of heart diseases.

Grapefruit (or suha in Tagalog or buongon in Bisaya). I love eating this fruit as it helps regulate bowel movement. This fruit is one of those foods for a diet that encourages weight loss. It is more delicious if you pair it with vinegar and salt.

These are just some of the foods for a diet that you can try. Plus, they are easy to find/prepare.

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Calories to Lose Weight: Tips on How to Lose Calories to Help You Shed Some Pounds

So, exactly how many calories to lose weight? It really depends on your BMI. According to health experts, a minimum of 1200 calories a day can help you stay fit. If you go lower than this, your metabolism tends to go down.

To help you figure out how many calories to lose pounds, here are some tips recommended by health experts.

Know the calories you eat each day. Starting right now, you have to read labels and find the calorie information about the food you are taking. This can help you start estimating how much you eat each day.

Eliminate 500 calories a day. It does not have to be exactly 500 but it has to be near that number. This is a realistic goal. Do not go too far though as it will not do good on your body.

Cut those calories. By engaging in physical activity each day, you can help your body cut out calories you do not need. Or you can opt to cut at least 500 calories from your diet. How about those junk foods that you frequently eat? Throw them away and replace them with fruits and vegetables.

Weigh yourself every morning. This is one of the best ways to help you know how many calories to lose pounds. I do this almost every morning after waking up.

If you are overweight though, you may need to lose more than 500 calories a day. But you have to consult your physician first. He/she might have have some ideas to help you lose weight in a safer way. Or you may also opt to take Herbalife Shake. I drink it once a day to help me maintain my ideal weight. And it works. 

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What is Depression? -- Essential Tricks That Can Help You Deal with Depression

What is depression? There are many ways to describe it but one thing is certain -- it is not a sign of being a weakling. It is just a reaction of a person to something that he/she does not like to happen in his/her life. Because he/she has no control over the event, it is normal to feel depressed.

However, if you think that you get depressed all the time without no reason at all, then you should start evaluating yourself. In order to prevent this condition from hampering your life and career, then you should might want to consider the benefits of these remedies.

Sunshine. It does not hurt to go out in the sun every morning to keep you away from feeling depressed. According to studies, people tend to suffer from this condition during the cold months. Therefore, it is recommended by health experts to go out in the sun before 8 am.

Exercise. Regular exercise can improve your mood, significantly. Even though you do not like engaging in this activity, you have to force yourself.

Meditation. Attending yoga classes can help you find relief from this condition. Yoga classes can tackle what is depression and how to remedy it. Meditation lifts your mood and calms your nerves. It also brings your stress levels down.

Balanced diet. What is depression if you have good nutrition. Revamp your diet and make healthy food choices. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Munch on vegetable sticks, rather than grabbing junk foods from your pantry.

These depression-busters are just some of the ways you can do to eliminate the depression from your system.

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How to Deal with Stress: Easy Ways to Fight Against the Effects of Stress

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Too much stress can hamper your health and your life. Good thing is that there are simple things that can help you deal with stressful situation.

Laugh. I usually think of funny moments in my life to help me laugh during stressful days. And it works. You, too, can laugh out loud to relieve yourself from this state. Through laughter, your oxygen intake increases. It also stimulates your cardiovascular system, lungs and muscles. It can help relax your muscles and produce a sense of relaxed mood.

Drink water. According to experts, drinking little amount of water each day increases cortisol levels in the body. This is a hormone released during stress. Therefore, to help counteract the effects of stress, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to keep you hydrated and alert.

Practice taking a deep breath. Breathing in tells your brain that you need to be calm. Slowly inhale and exhale to keep your muscles in a relaxed state.

Kiss. Kissing is not just ideal for lovemaking. Its effects can relieve someone from a stressful situation. In fact, health experts consider it as a stress reliever, just like meditation. But of course you should only kiss the appropriate person for that matter, like your wife/hubby or your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you do not have someone you can kiss, you just have to imagine yourself you are kissing your favorite celebrity. How about the lips of Brad Pitt? Or Ian Somerhalder?

Among these things, the most effective for me is laughter. I tend to watch funny movies or light-hearted films just to help me relieve stress.

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Health Club In DC: Factors to Consider

Health club in DC offers plenty of benefits but choosing the right one can mean a big difference to your health. If you opt for the wrong one, the money you have paid for the membership fees will simply go down to the drain. Becoming a member of this club does not mean you need to spend monotonous hours on a treadmill or yoga session. It simply means that you value your health and your life. And that you are embracing an active lifestyle.

When choosing a health club in DC, you should consider the following factors:

Location. You should not choose a club that is located miles away from your office or residence. Select the one that is local to your office or home. In that way, you can easily pack your gym equipment and head to the club.

Cost. The cost of becoming a member of that health club in DC is another important factor when choosing the right gym. You should determine how much time you will spend your working out in that gym and what features do you need to help you tone those muscles. You should not be embarrassed when asking about discounts and deals. Be sure to ask them upfront.

Ask around. You may also ask your friends and family members as to the best place to work out. They can recommend a convenient place for you where you can go and exercise.

My sister has signed up for a two-month membership in one of the health and wellness clubs here in DC. It costs her PHP2k. I wanted to sign up too but the said fee does not include pool use.

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Exercises Workouts That Help Build Muscle Mass


There are exercises workouts that you can carry out right at your own home. In this way, there is no need for you to go to the gym and spend your hard-earned money for its membership fee. Some of these workout routines are great while you are on the road when you do not have your fitness equipment with you.

Some of the exercises workout that you can try at home that can help you build functional muscle mass

Lunge jumps. This is a great workout that focuses on leg muscles and the glutes. You can combine it by holding small weights while performing this exercise.

Ab crunches. They are exercises workout that can tone your abdominal muscles. They are easy to do and do not require special equipment. I perform a modification of this exercise every morning (when I can remember to exercise, that is).

Shadow box. I have never tried it yet but they say that it is a good exercise for the muscle groups. It involves cardio training. Adding some kicks as you exercise can make it more beneficial to the body.

There are other exercises workouts that you can carry out to build functional muscle mass. Yoga is also good for the muscles. I am performing some yoga positions in the morning to work on my abdominal muscles. So far, I have not seen any improvement yet. Although I do not have that bulging stomach, I just want to achieve the same flat stomach as Gisele Bundchen’s or Miranda Kerr’s.

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Fitness Clubs: Reasons You Should Consider Health and Fitness Club


Purchasing a membership to fitness clubs may be an unwanted expense but in the long run, it could be a good investment. This is specially true if you value your health and wellbeing. But why should you invest your time and money on a health and fitness club?

2 reasons you should consider becoming a member of one of the fitness clubs in your area

Workout equipment. From treadmill to elliptical to workbench multi system, they have them all. With that in mind, it allows you to exercise your different muscle groups. The variety will also keep you motivated to work hard.

Personal trainer. Unlike working out at your own home, a health and fitness club has a personal trainer who can work with you throughout your training. He/she has a program according to your body requirements.

Unfortunately, not all fitness clubs offer the best experience. Hence, it is a must for you to choose the right gym that best suits your needs and, of course, budget.

Price. Rates may vary depending on the facility. You should consider the cost of the club’s membership and what it has to offer. For instance, the fee may include free use of its equipment but the club may charge you extra fees for classes.

Gym equipment. You should sign up with fitness clubs that offer state-of-the-art equipment. Make sure that it houses the type of machines you would like to use while exercising.

Location. The location of the club is also considered when looking for the right health and fitness club. Choose a place where it is convenient on your part so you are likely to go there on a regular basis.

Comparing and studying your options before committing to anything ensures that you receive a good deal.

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