Crock Pot Recipes: How Can You Convert Ordinary Recipes Into Crock Pot Recipes?

There are tips and tricks on how to prepare crock pot recipes. Listed below are some tips on how to convert some ordinary recipes into crock pot recipes.

1. Cut vegetables into not more than 1 inch thick
When vegetables are cooked using this technique, they must be 1-inch thick or less. Then, place them at the bottom of the pot as they take a lot longer to cook than other ingredients.

2. Decrease cooking time for liquids
In slow cooking, liquids are decreased by half the recommended amount. But this rule does not apply when cooking rice or pasta.

3. Cook pasta or rice until it is slightly tender
If it requires cooked pasta to be added to your crock pot recipe, you must first cook the pasta or rice into another container before adding it to the pot. For best results, you must use long grain rice.

4. Soak beans first
Beans must be soaked first before cooking using crock pot. Experts recommend pre-soaking them for 10 minutes in unsalted water. Then, drain them before adding them to the crock pat recipe you are preparing.

5. Add herbs and spices near the end of cooking
Herbs do release their flavors over time. For that reason, it is best to add them near the end of your cooking session. Before serving, you must taste the food first and make adjustments, if necessary.

Because some dishes lose their flavor, you need to take extra preparation steps to avoid it to happen. For instance, to enhance the flavor of most meats, you must make them brown first. Meat can be dredged, browned or deglazed with wine or broth to add flavor to your recipe.

Crock pot recipes require the use of a crock pot. To obtain best results, you must cook them with a crockery type cookery.

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Chicken Recipes: How To Make Chicken A La King

One of the chicken recipes that I want to try is Chicken a la King. But, instead of classic creamy choice, I want to use low-fat milk and flour for thickening purposes. In this way, it will not be filled with saturated fat.

Ingredients for Chicken a La King: 
Boneless, skinless, trimmed chicken
All-purpose flour
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White Mushrooms
Bell pepper
Ground pepper
Less sodium chicken broth
Low fat milk

How to make this chicken recipe? 
1. First, you need to put the chicken into a medium bowl filled with flour.
2. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan over medium heat.
3. Place the chicken to the hot pan
4. Stir it occasionally.
5. Let it stay there until lightly browned
6. Reduce the heat before adding one tablespoon of oil to the pan
7. Add the mushrooms, salt, bell pepper and ground peper
8. Stir it often or until the mushrooms start to brown
9. Whip the chicken broth and low-fat milk into the reserved flour.
10. Do it until the mixture becomes smooth.
11. Stir it into the pan.
12. Let is simmer for a few minutes.
13. Allow all ingredients to be cooked. The vegetables must be tender and the chicken must be cooked enough.

Note: This is one of the chicken recipes that some chefs do recommend omitting salt. You may only add salt when this chicken recipe is already on your plate. 

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Vaccine For Your Every Travel - What Vaccines Should You Obtain When Traveling to Machu Picchu Or Kenya?

Before you leave your house for your adventure trip, should you get a vaccine for your travel? 
According to medical experts, you must get a travel vaccine before you leave home. This is especially true if your trip includes various adventurous activities.

Essential shots
Perhaps, you are planning to travel to Machu Picchu. And if you are, you must obtain essential shots. This place is one of the places on Earth that you must not travel without getting a travel vaccine. However, medical experts do recommend getting essential shots each time you travel to a foreign land, be it in Singapore, the Philippines or Paris.

Essential shots may include T-dap for diptheria, tetanus and whopping cough; measles and flu shots. Keep in mind that cases of measles in Europe are increasing.

Health risks 
Before you plan your trip outside your country, you must check if your destination poses health risks. The official website of the Centers for Disease Control is a good web resource that lets you find what vaccinations are needed or recommended for each country. For instance, if you are visiting South Africa game park, you need to consider getting a vaccine for typhoid, rabies and hepatitis A. However, if you are visiting Kenya's game park, your doctor may add vaccine for yellow fever. Anti-malarial vaccine may also be recommended if you are visiting lower Africa.

Cost of vaccinations
Routine shots may be covered by your health insurance plans but the vaccine for your travel may not be covered. This means that you must allocate a budget of at least $3,000 for essential shots alone.

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Lose Weight Natural Ways And Why Should You Serve Your Meal On Blue Plate

To lose weight, you must do these two things:

Take in fewer calories
Burn more calories

But you must not overhaul your eating habits. You can start by following these tips:
1. Eat fat releasing foods
But what are these fat-releasing foods? Honey, eggs, and dark chocolates are just few of the foods that can help in releasing fats and converting them into energy.

2. Consider high-calorie foods as miscellaneous
For instance, if you want to eat ice cream, you must only take one spoonful of ice cream and get a bowl of fruits. When you crave for chips, you must pair each bite with lots of fresh salsa.

3. Maintain a food diary
With a food diary, you can keep track of each morsel that enters your mouth.

4. Use a pedometer
Through a pedometer, you can mointor how many steps a day you take. Keep in mind that taking extra 1,000 steps each day can help you lose weight, maintain ideal weight or stop gaining weight.

5. Eat five to six small meals each day
Instead of consuming three large meals, you must consume small meals five to six times a day. In this way, your body will release less insulin, thereby, keeping your blood sugar steady. As a result, you can easily control your hunger.

6. Walk for at least 45 minutes a day
According to a medical study, participants who performed more than 30 minutes a day experienced weight loss and fat loss. By burning additional 30 calories a day could help you lose 30 pounds of weight in one year even if you do not change how much calories you are taking.

Interesting note: Experts advise individuals who want to lose weight to serve meal on blue plates or cover table with blue tablecloth. According to studies, the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. This is one of the reasons fast-food restaurants do not use this color for their establishments. Colors that encourage eating include red, yellow and orange.

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The Flu And The Natural Approach To Alleviate Its Symptoms

The flu does not have a cure. However, there are over-the-counter treatments that you can find to relieve your symptoms or shorter their duration. You can also try the natural approach that may somehow help you feel better.

1. Have enough rest
In order to defeat the virus that causes the flu, you must get enough rest so your energy levels are high. With high energy levels, your immune system can easily fight against the flu virus.

2. Moisten your sore throat
Sore throat and the flu always go hand in hand. To bring temporary relief to your sore throat, you can gargle a salt solution four times each day. The tickling in your throat can be reduced by using an astringent gargle. It tightens the membranes allowing you to experience temporary relief to your condition. A viscous gargle consisting of honey and apple cider vinegar is also an effective folk remedy that you can try. But you must not give it to a child less than 1 year old.

3. Apply hot or cold packs
Either hot or cold can offer relief to your congested sinuses. Reusable hot or cold packs are available OTC. But you can also make your own. You just need to take a clean washcloth and heat it for less than a minute using a microwave. Before you apply it on your nose, however, you must test its temperature first to avoid scalding.

4. Use an extra pillow 
Apart from helping you breathe easily, the use of an extra pillow under your head allows drainage of nasal passages.

5. Avoid flying
If you have the flu, you must avoid flying as it can hurt your eardrums and put more strain to your upper respiratory system. However, if you really need to fly, you must use a decongestant. You must also carry a nasal spray before taking off and landing. You may also chew gum to relieve the pressure.

6. Drink plenty of water
You must increase fluid consumption when you have the flu. It keeps your respiratory system well-hydrated and liquifies thick mucus.

When should you see your doctor? 
The flu drugs are usually taken at the onset of this condition. It can decrease its severity and the duration of the symptoms. You must not take an antibiotic to treat the flu as this medication does not treat viruses. Keep in mind that the flu is a viral infection and not caused by bacteria.

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Dental Clinics In Davao City

Here is a list of dental clinics or dentists in the city of Davao:

1. Noeme Abellar 
Telephone number: 227-2329
Address: 105-A Pichon

2. Alojado Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 221-0928
Address: Lapu-lapu Street, Davao City

3. Pinky Daisy Ancog
Telephone number: 221-0966
Address: Paseo De Legaspi

4. Andres Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 227-1741
Address: Central Plaza Building, Davao City

5. Bacus Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 305-2081
Address: Skylite Arcade Davao City

6. Jossie gloria Balignot
Telephone number: 221-2100
Address: C.M. Recto Avenue, Davao City

7. Bautista Orthodontic Clinic - General Dentistry and Orthodontics
Telephone number: 221-5724
Address: JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

8. June Buenaventura 
Telephone number: 224-1664
Address: Aldevinco Shopping Center, Davao City

9. Dental Magic Oral Care - Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry
Telephone number: 298-4964
Mobile number: 63-920-636-5584
Address: Eco-West Drive Davao City

10. Dental Point Clinic - Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Dental Implants
Telephone number: 227-8188
Address: Palma Gil, Davao City

11. Ma. Cristina Domingo
Telephone number: 224-6220
Address: Davao Doctors Medical Tower

12. E De Jesus Dental Office
Telephone number: 221-4040
Address: 10 Mt. Mayon Street, Davao City

13. Gentle Dental Care - Dentistry for children, Aesthetic dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontics and oral surgery, and Treatment for gum and bone disease. 
Telephone number: 221-8486 and 282-1534

14. San Vicente Dental Clinic
Telephone number: 227-1535
Mobile number: 63-919-637-5163
Note: I highly recommend Dr. San Vicente to treat your tooth problems. 

If you dial outside Davao City, the area code you must use is 082. 
If you want your dental clinic to be included in the list, please submit your contact information through the comment section. 

DDS Dentist - How Can A Dentist Help In Your Child's Teeth Development?

As early six months of age, you must bring your child to a DDS dentist. This is to prevent any small problems from becoming big concerns. Thumb-sucking may be a common scenario among infants but it could create serious problems later on. Keep in mind that a baby who sucks his/her thumb is more likely to suffer from malformed teeth or bite problems. Baby bottle tooth decay can also be prevented if you let your infant be seen by a DDS dentist as early as possible. If it is left untreated, it can lead to premature decay, which can greatly affect your baby's future teeth.

How to alleviate thumb-sucking? 
Dentists do recommend letting your baby suck on a teething ring. Or you may rub his/her gums using a small spoon or your clean finger. Pacifiers may also be used for babies under 4 years old. They can relieve gum pain and alleviate suckling problems. However, pacifiers are strongly discouraged after the age of 4. This is because they can interfere with the teeth development of your child.

When will the primary teeth be seen? 
Primary set of teeth can be seen by the age of 3. These teeth are replaced by permanent teeth by the age of 12. When your child has a full set of 28 permanent teeth, it is important that you teach your child how to take care of them to avoid becoming diseased. If their primary teeth have become diseased, their permanent replacements may suffer the same fate. Therefore, it is a must that you allow your child to see a DDS dentist as early as possible.

Is it okay to brush baby's gums and teeth using a toothbrush? 
Yes. But make sure that you use an infant toothbrush that can fit over your finger. Instead of using toothpaste, you must utilize water. You must avoid fluoride toothpaste until your child reaches the age of 2. Use a pea-sized portion of toothpaste and teach your kid to spit it out when finished.

Are fluoride toothpaste enough? 
To keep your child's teeth as healthy as possible, you must use a toothpaste high in fluoride. Thankfully, most public drinking systems have fluoride in it. However, you may try asking your dentist about fluoride supplements for your child.

How to relieve toothaches? 
DDS dentist recommends rinsing your child's mouth with a solution of warm water and table salt. It can relieve the pain. However, if the pain still persists, your child may take acetaminophen or you may contact his/her dentist.

You must teach your child how to take care of his/her teeth as early as six months. There are plenty of DDS dentists who know how to deal with children's teeth development and they can help your kids deal with any tooth problems.

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Shingles - Tips To Help You Deal With This Disease

Shingles is painful. To relieve the pain, here are some suggestions from dermatologists:

1. Use ice packs or wet cloths to cool the rash. 
2. Cover the rash using non-stick sterile bandages. 
3. Apply calamine lotion to the rash or blisters. Herbalife aloe vera soothing gel can also relieve the pain. 
4. Choose to wear loose cotton clothes. 

What causes shingles? 

Shingles is caused by Varicella zoster virus. Yes, it is the same virus that causes chickenpox. But it only occurs when you already have chickenpox in the past. After you had chickenpox, the herpes zoster virus may remain in your nervous systems. When your body makes contact with Varicella zoster virus again, it triggers movement from the nerves to the skin. As a result, you will notice some rash and painful blisters.

To help prevent yourself from catching this virus or avoid the condition from getting worse, here are some tips that may assist you:
1. Get vaccinated. 
If you are over 60 years old, you must get vaccinated. A vaccine for shingles is 50% effective in preventing this disease to emerge. It can also lessen your condition, when you do get the disease.

2. Take antiviral drugs. 
Yes, anti-viral drugs can shorten the length of time you need to deal with the blisters. These drugs are also useful in preventing the disease from getting out of control.

3. Use topical agents. 
They are helpful in dealing with the pain caused by shingles. Steroids and anti-convulsants can be used to treat the lingering pain. You must talk to your doctor about it.

Should you avoid physical contact?
This disease is not contagious. But if someone gets in contact with your rash, it can cause chickenpox to that person, if he/she have not had the said disease yet. Stay away from pregnant women, babies, children and people with weakened immune systems.

When dealing with shingles, it is a must that you attack the virus as early as possible to avoid it getting worse. By following the tips above, you can lessen its severity and you can recover quickly.

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Feeding With Breast - 5 Tips To Help You Get Started

Feeding with breast can be challenging for new moms. But breast-feeding is essential not just for your baby but also for your health. In fact, experts say that it can help shed off pounds after childbirth. If you find it hard to breast feed your child, here are some tips given by experts to help you get started.

1. Ask for the expert's assistance. 
It can be your mom or your doctor. Although you can read about the proper way to breast feed your baby, doing it on your own is a different story. If it is your first time to feed your baby with your breastmilk, you may ask the assistance of your mom, your doctor, maternity nurse or a hospital lactation consultant. You must know how to position your baby so that he/she is latching on correctly.

You may start by getting comfortable with it. Before you start the process of feeding with breast milk, you must support yourself first with pillows and then carry your baby close to your breast. You must support his/her head using your one hand and support your breast with your other hand. If your baby is not feeding, you may tickle his/her lower lip using your nipple. This action will encourage his/her mouth to open wide.

2. Allow your newborn to set the pace
Most of the time, babies need to be fed every two to three hours. But you must watch for signs of hunger, like sucking motions, restlessness and the like.

You must allow your baby to feed until your breast feels soft. Then, you must try burping him/her. You may offer the second breast if your baby is still hungry.

It is important that your baby nurses on one breast at a time. However, if your newborn is nursing on only one breast during feeding time, you must pump your other breast to protect your milk supply and relieve pressure.

3. Take care of your breasts. 
You may allow the milk to dry on your nipple as it can soothe them. But you may also pat your nipple dry, if you are in a hurry. You may also use bra pads if your breasts leak between feedings. But you must change them often.If you notice that your nipples are dry, you may use purified lanolin or hydrogel dressing after feeding time. It can soothe your nipples and retain their moisture. You must avoid using shampoo or soap when cleaning your nipples.

4. Make healthier lifestyle choices
Feeding with breast requires moms to follow healthy lifestyle choices. By this it means that you must eat a healthy diet. Choose to eat fruits and vegetables, instead of processed foods. Opt for water and fresh juice, instead of soda. You must also rest as much as you can. And avoid smoking as it can reduce your milk supply. Smoking will also alter the taste of your milk, which will interfere with the breastfeeding process.

5. Do get discouraged. 
Feeding with breast is tough for first time moms. So, you must not get discouraged. It is okay to have a slow start. You must often breast feed your baby so your breasts will produce more milk.

You may ask a lactation consultant or your doctor if you have any difficulty feeding with breast. This is especially true if feeding becomes painful or if your baby is not gaining weight.

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Help Me For Lose Weight - 6 Tips You Must Try

"Should I join Zumba class or drink Herbalife shake to help me for lose weight?" you may ask.

I would say you must combine these two to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. Zumba is a great workout and Herbalife shake is a wonderful drink to replenish the water you have lost during the session of Zumba. And yes, I do Zumba every other day and take Herbalife shake twice a day to help me maintain my ideal weight. I do not adopt a no-carb diet as it makes me tipsy.

On another note, here are tips suggested by a friend of mine who happens to be a fitness guru in one of the fitness clubs here in DC.

1. Know how much weight you want to lose. 
You must not start your weight loss journey by aiming to lose 10 pounds a week. This is not a healthy weight loss goal. Instead, you must know your BMI and identify your ideal weight. From there, you can set a healthy weight loss goal.

2. Manage your time. 
In order to sustain your weight loss efforts, you must learn how to manage your time. By this it means that you must decide how many hours a week you can dedicate for exercising, home cooking or stocking up on groceries. If possible, your day must always be planned so you do not have to rush all the time.

3. Stock your kitchen and fridge with healthy foods. 
Instead of purchasing a box of cake, you must keep your fridge or pantry well-stocked with fruits, healthy meals, cereals and other healthy options.

4. Choose to eat healthy home-cooked meals. 
Home-cooked meals are healthier than fast foods. These meals have less oil and low in salt. Plus, you know that they are made of fresh products.

5. Combine cardio and strength training. 
"Is strength training important to help me for lose weight?" Yes. All workouts that emphasize on muscle tone and heart rate are ideal to help you lose weight and keep it off.

6. Avoid unhealthy snacking habits. 
Instead of reaching for your favorite soda after working out, why not make a delicious Herbalife shake. It is healthier and more delicious than Coke or Pepsi. You may also take healthy protein snack bar of Herbalife. Unfortunately, this snack bar is not yet available in the Philippines. I tried one when my sister-in-law's sister brought some from the US. It could truly help in satisfying one's cravings.

If you follow these tips for one month, you could surely lose significant amount of weight and you would no longer ask someone about "help me for lose weight."

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How To Lose Weight With Herbalife? - Here Are The Facts

How to lose weight with Herbalife?

Before discussing that, I would like to let you know that my brother's nutrition club would soon be open in Tibungco, Davao City. (My own nutrition club, on the other hand, is still still in the works.) This club is not a fitness club where you can go and use one or some of the available exercise machines. Rather, nutrition club is a place where you can purchase Herbalife products or try out the products first before committing to anything. And if you want Herbalife Shake for free, then you might want to visit one of the nutrition clubs of Herbalife. 

Anyway, let us go on with the subject at hand -- how to lose weight with Herbalife. 

1. It is good to know that losing weight is as easy as taking a healthy meal that consists of 20 vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. 

2. The Herbalife Shake is considered as a healthy meal as it contains vitamins and minerals that you need to perform your daily activities. 

3. Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix has 9 grams of protein and healthy fiber that promote and support healthy weight management. 

4. It does not have cholesterol and trans fat. 

5. It is available in three flavors: Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (my fave) and Wild Berry. 

6. If you are always on the go, then Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix in sachet is ideal for you. One sachet contains 25 grams or approximately 2 tablespoons of the said shake mix. 

7. Because it contains significant amount of protein, it can help you satisfy your hunger without consuming a lot calories. 

8. The shakes are not only delicious but they can also help you feel full and satisfied for longer period of time. 

Do you want to know more about how to lose weight with Herbalife? From a mother who used to weigh 187 pounds with a 43-inch waistline.

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Exercise Diabetes - Tips To Help You Start Working Out

Exercise diabetes is essential if you have this type of medical condition. Even if you are suffering with diabetes complications, you can carry out some exercises to help lower your blood sugar levels and be able to lose weight. If you have not exercised in years, then it is highly likely that you consider any workout routine to be intimidating. But, according to doctors, it is perfectly all right to start slow and work your way up. To help you get started, here are some tips provided by experts from the endocrinology department.

1. Increase your physical activity
Do not just focus on a particular type of exercise. Instead, you must concentrate on increasing your overall activity, be it walking or climbing stairs. But, according to fitness experts, you must not depend on the household chores as your sole exercise. Rather, you must think about the amount of exercise you are getting and the amount of calories you are consuming.

2. Use a pedometer. 
By using this gadget, you can increase your physical activity by 27%. This is according to a study conducted in 2007. To achieve it, you must aim for 10,000 steps, which is equivalent to five miles.

If you are trying to lose weight, then a pedometer can also be a good weight loss gadget as people who utilize it tend to lose more weight than those who do not use it.

3. Exercise with a friend. 
Having a friend by your side when working out is an important motivator. This is especially true if you are over 60 years old. You may set up an exercise contract with your buddy to further help you deal with exercise diabetes.

4. Reward the good things you have accomplished. 
When you have reached your goals, you must remember to reward yourself. But do not consider it as an emotional reward. Rather, focus on the health benefits that exercise diabetes can do for you, such as increasing your energy levels or enjoying the outdoors.

5. Avoid setting your goals too high. 
You will likely to achieve your goals if you start small. That means, you need to set up easily attainable goals that you can gradually increase them in the next few days or months.

6. Obtain an exercise diabetes prescribed by a fitness expert or an exercise physiologist. 
A fitness expert, for instance, knows how to measure your fitness level and prescribe you with a specific exercise according to your level.

What other exercise diabetes routines can your recommend?

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Diets And Foods For Diabetics - 5 Facts You Must Know

Diets and foods are important for patients with diabetes. If you have this kind of condition, then you should know about the importance of eating right. According to medical experts, there are no such thing as special diets and foods for diabetics. These are not necessary. This is because a diabetes diet only means having a healthy eating plan that consists of nutrients and low in fat. Here are facts that you must be aware of about diets and foods for diabetics.

1. You can still enjoy your favorite treats. 
There is no need for you to avoid all sugars. You can still eat your favorite treats. This means that you can still consume desserts. However, they must be combined with exercise. Also, you must remember to eat in moderation.

2. Following diets and foods high in protein is not always the best. 
According to medical studies, eating too much protein can cause insulin resistance. Instead of focusing on a high-protein diet, you must follow a healthy diet that consists of protein, carbohydrates and fats. These elements are all necessary so that your body can function well. This is the real key to a balanced diet.

3. You do not need to consume diabetic meals. 
There is no need for you to purchase those expensive diabetic foods as they do not really offer special benefits for your case. You can still eat out with your friends and family. However, you must always remember to eat in moderation.

4. You must eat high-fiber food with slow-release carbs
As mentioned earlier, you do not need to avoid carbohydrates. All you have to do is to know how to be smart when eating carbs. It would be best for your condition to limit your consumption of highly refined carbohydrates, like soda, white bread and past. Instead, try eating brown rice, cauliflower mash, whole-wheat pasta, bran muffin and other carbohydrates packed with fiber.

4. You may add healthy fats to your dessert. 
No, it does not mean that you have to reach for donuts. Instead, you must choose healthier fat options like peanut butter, yogurt and nuts. Healthy fat options are those with unsaturated fats. They come from plant and fish sources. The primary sources for these healthy fats will include canola oil, olive oil and avocados. You must also consume foods with omega-3 fatty acids as they support heart and brain health. Choose salmon and tuna as they are rich in these fatty acids.

You can reduce unhealthy fats by cooking with olive oil, instead of using vegetable oil or butter. When cooking chicken or turkey, you must trim or remove visible fat before you cook it.

5. You should keep a food diary. 
To keep track of your diets and foods, you must have a food diary. You do not have to count calories or starve yourself. You just need to eat regularly and record what you eat. Avoid skipping breakfast so you can have all the energy that you need. This will keep your blood sugar levels at acceptable range. Instead of eating larger meals, you must opt for small meals and eat up to 6 times a day. This will keep your portions in check. With a food diary, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will also help you avoid mindless snacking.

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Diabetes Prevention - Tips To Effectively Prevent Or Control Diabetes

Diabetes can be prevented or controlled by simply changing your lifestyle. Controlling or preventing it from worsening is as basic as consuming more healthy foods and becoming more physically active. If you start now, you can avoid the health complications of this disease.

Here are some of the diabetes prevention tips that you can implement to your life as presented by the American Diabetes Association.

1. Be more physically active. 
By this it means you need to spend at least 30 minutes of your time to get an exercise. Through exercise, you can lower your blood sugar while you lose weight. Exercise also improves your sensitivity to insulin allowing you to keep your sugar levels within a normal range. A good diabetes fitness program includes both aerobic and resistance training.

2. Eat whole grains. 
Experts do recommend eating whole grains as they can reduce your risk of developing diabetes or health complications. Whole grains are also good in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Some breads and pasta products are made from whole grains. When choosing a product, you must look for the word "whole" in the ingredient list.

3. Lose extra pounds. 
Each pound that you lose will definitely improve your health. In a study conducted, overweight adults who lost at least 2 pounds have reduced their diabetes risk by 16%. If you want to further reduce your risk of developing diabetes, you must aim to lose at least 5% to 10% of your initial body weight.

4. Make healthier choices. 
Instead of following fad diets, you must consider portion control as part of your healthy-eating plan. Low-carb diets, for instance, are not that effective in preventing diabetes. They also do not provide long-term effects to patients as they require you to give up some essential nutrients.

5. Eat plenty of fiber
By eating fiber-rich foods, you are helping your body in losing weight. These foods help you feel full for a longer period of time letting you eat fewer calories. They also reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems and improve your blood sugar control.

The American Diabetes Association also recommends seeing a doctor regularly to further help you prevent or reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

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Carbs On - 4 Simple Ways To Choose The Right Carbohydrates

The carbs on your diet are important, even though they get a bad image from people who want to lose weight. They have numerous health benefits and your body need them in order to function well. But because not all types of carbohydrates are the same, you must have a better understanding about them so you can easily choose which of them must have a rightful place on your diet.

Common sources of carbohydrates or CHO (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen):

Types of carbs on your diet
1. Starch
It is made of sugar units combined together. It is found in cooked peas and beans, grains and vegetables.

2. Sugar
The simplest form of CHO, sugar occurs in milk and milk products, as well as fruits and vegetables.

3. Fiber
Yes, fiber is also a carb. Made of sugar units, fiber is commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

How much carbs on your diet must be included? 
According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans, CHO makes up 45 to 65 percent of your daily calories. This means that if you get 2,000 calories each day, carbs on your diet must be between 900 and 1,300. The numbers are equivalent to 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates in a day.

Proper ways to choose carbs

1. Opt for fiber-rich foods. 
When shopping, you must choose whole fresh fruits and vegetables so you can avoid the added sugar from processed foods. They are the better options than fruit juices and dried fruits that contain concentrated sugar, which has more calories. Whole fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and water so they can help you feel fuller without getting too much calories.

2. Eat whole grains. 
They are rich in vitamins and minerals, yet they are low in fat. Compared with refined grains, they are healthier choices. They are good sources of potassium, magnesium, selenium and other important nutrients.

3. Buy low-fat dairy products. 
These products will include yogurt, milk and cheese. They do not only contain carbs, but they are also good sources of proteins and calcium and other vitamins and minerals. To help limit carbs on your diet from these products, you must choose their low-fat versions. Avoid taking dairy products with added sugar.

4. Do include beans and legumes
They are also great carbs on your diet. Legumes, for instance, are low in fat, no cholesterol yet high in potassium, iron, magnesium and folate. They can be a healthier replacement for meat as they contain healthy fats and soluble and insoluble fiber.

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Calories In To: 4 Simple Ways To Cut Calorie Intake

Counting calories in to the foods that you eat can play a big role in getting back into the weight loss basics. Keep in mind that losing weight still comes down to the number of calories you take in and the calories you burn off. No matter what diet program you follow, losing weight is all about knowing calories in to the food that you are eating.

What is the importance of calories? 
They are the energy in your food. Your body utilizes them to keep on functioning. The energy coming from the calories you take in can fuel your body for fidgeting or marathon running.

Regardless of where they come from, they are either converted to energy or stored as body fats. The stored calories will remain in your body until they are being used up. By increasing physical activity, your body can burn those stored calories.

Weight loss and cutting calories
To achieve your weight loss goals, it is a must that you decrease your calorie intake. But how are you going to cut calories?

Here are three simple rules you must follow:

1. Skip high-calorie foods with low nutrition. 
For instance, you can skip your morning latte or bowl of ice cream that you always have after every meal. Skipping your indulgence may lead to craving. So, try the next rule.

2. Replace them with lower calorie options. 
You can replace your flavored latte with black coffee. A 16-ounce of latte has 250 calories while a 16-ounce of black coffee contains 0 calories. You can also go with skim milk, rather than whole milk. Instead of eating a pepperoni pizza, try eating 1 cup of grapes that contains 100 calories.

3. Reduce your food portion sizes. 
Learning how to control your portions can easily lead to controlling calories in to the food that you take. An eight-ounce orange juice has 120 calories. To reduce your portion size, try drinking four-ounce of orange juice that only contains 60 calories.

When controlling calories in to the food that you eat, you may try these tips:

Begin your day with a small meal. 
During breakfast, try eating less than what you always eat. You can reach out for more food later on, if you are truly hungry.

Avoid eating in packages. 
Rather, you must eat from your plates. This will give you a sense of how much you are actually eating. Consider eating using a smaller plate or bowl.

Read the food labels. 
By checking the Nutrition Facts of every food item allows you to know the number of calories per serving. Keep in mind that a bag of chips is equivalent to two servings, rather than one. This means that you are eating twice the calories written on the label.

Try using a calorie counter. 
There are plenty of websites out there that let you track your calorie intake. Currently, I am using Sparkpeople. It is free and it is simple to use.

When losing weight, you must not only concentrate on the calories in to the food that you are eating. You must also increase your physical activity.

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Food Recipes: 3 Healthier Food Alternatives

When thinking of healthier food recipes, you might want to consider cutting calories without giving up flavors. According to experts, you can do this by tricking your taste buds through food swaps. Here are some suggestions you can try:

1. Avocado
Replace butter for your toast with a scoop of avocado and a pinch of salt. You can also replace the mayo on your sandwich with a few slices of avocado. The result will still be satisfying as avocado spread can make your food creamier without the unhealthy fats from butter. Avocado is not only good for your body but it is also great for your eyes as it contains lutein, which is a powerful element that can improve the health of your eyes.

2. Jicama sticks. 
Instead of eating potato chips, you might consider switching to jicama sticks to help you save fat and calories. This Mexican potato is an edible root that contains 45 calories per cup. It is also high in fiber and vitamin C.

3. Cauliflower. 
Replace your mashed potatoes with cauliflower for your dessert. Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C and folate while mashed potatoes do not have nutrients. You can find cauliflower food recipes online and try one of them this dinner.

What other healthy food recipes that you can recommend?

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Human Body: How To Accept It?

Accepting your human body is not that easy, especially if you are always dreaming of having a supermodel-like body. But how can you truly appreciate what God has given you? Here are some tips given by experts on how to start accepting your body.

1. Get real. 
The majority of the images that you see on print ads and on televisions are not real. Those models endure hours of professional hair make-up sessions to bring out their best side. Professional lighting is also included to  produce their best shots. In other words, what you really see is just made up.

Therefore, you must educate yourself that no person glows the way those models in the magazines or televisions do. You must always think about what really happens behind the scenes.

2. Stop comparing yourself with those models. 
No human body is perfect. Even models and celebrities have parts in their bodies they do not really like and want to change them. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you must look at your human body as a whole and consider its marvelous functions. You do not have to experience a debilitating accident before you start accepting what God has given you. Do not be too obsessed about getting six-pack abs. Rather, start realizing that your body has a purpose and it performs a lot of functions to make you feel alive.

3. Take care of it. 
You must remember that you only have one human body per lifetime. Thus, you must accept and respect it. Over exercising, taking diet pills or undergoing quick fixes are ways to disrespect your body. Take care of it and you will feel better eventually.

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